Chapter 8 - The Door by Jim Lounsbury

“So tell me what I am dealing with! How am I supposed to know? Just guess?” He was getting sick of all the mysterious, rambling talk. All he wanted now was to understand exactly what was going on in the old hotel.

Darius stood. “Come with me. I will talk as we walk.” He brushed an invisible speck off his immaculate velvet jacket and gestured towards the door. Finnian picked up his crutches and clumsily pushed his way out of his seat.

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Chapter 5 - Vali and Nari by Jim Lounsbury

“I don’t know. I think there is a problem with the time in the hotel. I think maybe it is both my time and your time.”

“Like, some sort of magic?” Finnian was dubious. He had seen some weird things over the last three days, but he wasn’t completely ready to believe in magic and fractures in time.


“And Darius? Is he from your time?”

“He is from all time.”

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